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Fumiaki Ikeno

Scientist, Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford University

Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno graduated from Jichi Medical University. He began his research at the Department of Cardiology, Stanford University in 2001, where he was involved in research and development, animal testing, and clinical trials for U.S. medical device ventures. He has extensive experience as an advisor in the medical device field and is well versed in the medical situation in Japan and the United States. He has also participated in projects with Japanese and U.S. regulatory authorities in medical devices, and is committed to establishing a cross-border medical device ecosystem. 

In parallel with his research at Stanford University, he has been teaching at the Stanford Biodesign Faculty, a course for entrepreneurship in the medical device field, since 2002, and was deeply involved in the establishment of the Japanese version of Biodesign. He is also the Chief Medical Officer of MedVenture Partners, a venture capital firm specializing in medical devices, which he founded in 2013. He is actively working to establish a Silicon Valley-style medical device ecosystem in Japan. 


Fumiaki Ikeno
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