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OCTOBER 7, 2023  |  12:30 PM - 1:30 PM PDT



Are you an IUC alum currently grappling with the sudden changes wrought on the teaching profession by the advent of generative AI? If so, this October you can hit two birds with one stone: celebrate the IUC 60th Anniversary with us at Stanford and participate in a special session just added for academics on teaching Japan in the age of AI. Together we will discuss the challenges presented by ChatGPT for student learning and assessments; discuss best practices for talking to students about the use of AI; and brainstorm course assignments that effectively hone critical thinking skills in an age when take-home essays and online discussion posts can be undetectably produced by AI.

The session will be led by Ariel Stilerman, Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Stanford University. Professor Stilerman has a background in Japanese literature, the Tea Ceremony, Clinical Psychoanalysis, and Industrial Design. His first monograph studies the role of classical verse in the transmission of culture and knowledge across social classes. Current projects include a second monograph on technology and knowledge, a bibliographic database for research, and an exploration of materiality in late medieval aesthetics. Still on hold is the first direct translation of Genji monogatari into Spanish.

Registrants for this special session are listed below. Priority given to university faculty, postdocs, Ph.D students, and lecturers.


Bruce Batten

Resident Director, Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies

Kei T. Befu


Taranee Cao (IUC ’19)

Instructor in Japanese Language and Linguistics, Earlham College

Martha Debs (IUC ’80)

Business Communications Consultant (retired)​

Paula Esguerra (IUC ’20)

Special Advisor of the Japan Institute's International Exchange Program, Portland Japanese Garden​

Josh Feng (IUC ’22)

PhD Student, UC Berkeley

Glen S. Fukushima

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

David Gundry (IUC ’03)

Associate Professor of Japanese, University of California, Davis

Mohamed Hadidi

Nancy Hamilton (IUC Summer ’18)

Independent Scholar

Bei Han (IUC’23)

MA student of East Asian Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Frederic Kahn

PhD Student, Harvard University

Lida Kon

Indra Levy

Executive Director of IUC; Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Stanford University

Momoyo Lowdermilk

Advanced Lecturer of Japanese, Stanford University

Yoshiko Matsumoto

Yamato Ichihashi Professor of Japanese History and Civilization; Professor of EALC (and Linguistics, by courtesy), Stanford University

Scott Miller

Professor of Japanese and Comparative Literature, Brigham Young University 

Gary Mukai

Director, Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE), Stanford University

Young-Jeh Oh


Kenneth Pechter (IUC ’94)

Professor, Hosei University Business School -- Global MBA Program

Miryam Sas (IUC ’89)

Professor of Comparative Literature and Film & Media, University of California, Berkeley

Ariel Stilerman (IUC Summer ’09)

Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages

and Cultures, Stanford University

Kurt W. Tong (IUC ’09)

Managing Partner, The Asia Group

Yifan Xu (IUC ’23)

MA Student, Stanford University

Kohei Yoshikawa

Jiaqian Zhu (IUC ’21)

PhD Student, UC Berkeley;

Visiting Scholar of EALC, Stanford University


Come Join Us

October 7, 2023

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM PDT

Stanford University

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